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Our Philosophy

The ‘German School of Ft. Lauderdale’ was founded in summer 2002.

philosophy of the German school of Ft LauderdaleWhat we Offer
We offer a daily full German immersion Montessori preschool program. Furthermore the curriculum includes ‘German Lessons at the Elementary Level’ and group lessons teaching ‘German as a Foreign Language’ for children and adults.

Classes are being taught by certified instructors.
Our pupils participate annually in the “National German Exam' of the AATG (American Association of Teachers of German) and in the examinations to "The german Language Diploma', administered by the ‘Central Agency for Schools Abroad’ (ZfA).

The 'German School of Fort Lauderdale' will prepare its students for the AP, or Advanced Placement exam. This is a college-level exam, which students can take at their high schools. Students need to register and pay for the exam at their school. It gets administered in the month of May.
The AP German Language and Culture Exam assesses students' proficiencies in the interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational modes of communication. The exam is three hours long and includes both a 95-minute multiple-choice section and an 85-minute free-response section. The multiple-choice section accounts for half of the student's exam grade, and the free-response section accounts for the other half.

Our program furthermore includes a diverse music and art program. Recorder lessons, singing, music, arts and crafts play a role in the various courses offered. ‘Learning With All Your Senses’ and open work-forms count among the dominant teaching principles and methods. In our daily preschool program, we work according to the ideas and principles of the Montessori Method.

How We Teach
At the German School of Ft. Lauderdale the teaching principles of ‘Learning With Your Head, Heart, and Hands’ like those of ‘Learning With All Your Senses’ play a particularly important role for children being introduced to the German language and culture. The full immersion concept of our school is based on the belief that languages are best learned in situations, in which students play, explore, create, sing, and learn. Using games, puppets, songs, rhymes, and small scenes, our curriculum builds upon German speech patterns, the children may apply to various settings they find meaningful. While students will become more and more fluent in speaking the German language, they will be prepared to enter an American Kindergarten at the end of our preschool program, since letters, phonics, number etc. are introduced in the English language at the VPK program of our partner school.

The teachers at the ‘German School of Ft. Lauderdale’ act as guides and helpers in the children’s natural desire to learn. Teachers prepare the classroom, its materials and guide students gently towards their individual goals. Instruction methods emphasize natural learning processes, play, and fun. The ‘German School of Ft. Lauderdale’ recognizes that students learn from their peers, and that they can be positive role models for students both older and younger than themselves.

Our classroom is equipped with exclusively educational materials and we have incorporated some aspects of the ‘Montessori Method’ and its materials into our curriculum. The ‘Montessori Environment’ is quiet, respectful, and non-competitive. Children move freely and purposefully throughout the classroom choosing materials they wish to “learn” with, returning them to the shelf as found before moving on to new work.

Lessons are usually presented individually, with ample opportunities for group interaction during circle, music, art, and outdoor activities. Most lessons are independent from the language spoken and are wonderful instruments for a full immersion, or a bilingual language setting.

What We Value
The German School community respects each child as a unique person. We value our student’s physical, emotional, social and cultural individuality, and seek to establish a trusting relationship between teachers, parents and children so that students can grow and learn in a way that fits their personal needs. The German School classroom, enriched by the unique personalities and perspectives of each student, provides an environment in which children can feel confident in exploring their own interests, thoughts and feelings.

Multicultural Approach
By introducing elements of German culture, the ‘German School of Ft. Lauderdale' supports the understanding of multiple cultures. We design activities that highlight traditions specific to German-speaking cultures in a manner that invites and respects the individual background of all students. Discussions such as "What festivities does your family celebrate?" establishes an awareness of the differences and commonalities between people and cultures in the global community. We model a peaceful, embracing attitude about the world, while encouraging a desire within our students to go out into the world to explore, find, experience and learn.

On the matter of leadership, we believe, that a leader needs to be involved in all aspects of the daily school life, stay connected and understand what is going on and where changes are necessary. Respect for each other is one of the most important elements to maintain a positive relationship with all employees. At the same time it is very important to lead by example and to act as a role model to other members of the staff, as well as students. We believe in open communication, which is an important tool in staying connected to staff members.